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Begun in 1985, M&R started out with three employees, maintaining and repairing equipment for screen printers. Just one year later M&R began manufacturing manual presses. In the late 1980’s the company built Challenger, its first automatic textile press. Challenger quickly dominated the market, and eventually M&R went on to become the world's largest manufacturer of screen printing equipment, a position it holds to this day.

With the beginning of the century an idea of independent European facility was born, a factory producing metric equivalents of American machines. The production plant was built in southern Poland, in Wojnicz, and it started operating in the year 2004.

From the start M&R Poland has been modernizing and expanding its machine park. This allowed not only for the production of printing equipment but created the potential of offering a wide array of services.

Our machines allow for advanced sheet metal fabrication. We offer low prices, high quality services and short terms of realization. With larger orders we offer favorable discounts. We can work with our own materials as well as materials delivered by the customer. We specialize in a prototypical as well as large-series production.

Our greatest asset is the possibility of providing complex services: from the design, through cutting, machining, welding and painting the details. This allows our clients to receive complete product while saving time and money

The cost of a service is based on machining time, materials used and size of the series. Providing DXF or DWG files by the customer can decrease costs and shorten the overall service time.

We are at your service.
M&R Printing Equipment Poland
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